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1 month


Studio Project


Project Brief

Create a “Near Future History” technology proposal that creates provocation centered on the role of the body/singular person in a cultural context. Research, document and utilize contentious issues surrounding the body, technology and culture.


Set in the year 2033, Shock is the bracelet of the future. Designed to help users erase any memories from their recollection. Designed using methodologies based in electroconvulsive therapy (ECT), allowing people to train their brain to forget any memory at their fingertips.

To start the process, users must concentrate on the memory that they would like to erase. Small electrical pulses are applied for a period of time, depending on the intensity of the memory. When the treatment duration is complete, users no longer recollect that particular memory. Through the treatment process, users can track their progress and check their daily shock allowance using the bracelet.

This project was created with Autodesk 3DS Max and Adobe Photoshop.

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